Create your “Ability Team”, the Competitor database will help you.

The following Support positions can be filled by one person or with the help of as many people as you want.  Use the “Team Support” database to find volunteers for these positions.

  • Coach

The coach should be a family member or trusted friend of each competitor they coach.  The coach ensures that all of the conditions for performance, safety, transportation, representation and comfort are being met.  If needed, the coach manages prize money or earnings and pays the competitor in a way that prevents the competitor from losing healthcare or other benefits.

  • Instruction Team

A Red Cross certified instructor with all of the equipment needed is available to the teams by appointment at one of our Forsyth County Georgia locations.  Any person may act as an assistant instructor at any time and the use of multiple instructors and assistants is encouraged.  All of the course material is available online without charge.

  • Support Team

These are volunteers that the teams practice with.  They can also be used for any purpose to support the team.

  • Video Production Team

One person with a cell phone can fill this role.  The Instruction Team provides the time and place to record skills that are completed.  The video production team posts those skills to a video hosting platform (youtube, vimeo etc.) and then pastes the link into the qualification database.

  • Qualification

Each team qualified with a simple cell phone video showing each skill being completed.  A separate video shows longer rescue sequences.  The quality of the skill must be clearly shown so that any member of the general public can judge it when viewing the video.  Post the links to the video in the qualification database.   Exam and quiz scores are also posted.  The ability team  will then be judged by the general public to either correct skills or be judged qualified to compete.

  • Competition, Sunday June 20, 2021

Red Cross CPR/FA certification for health care providers is the premiere event.  Each team will publicly complete the exam and all of the skills for certification.  A worldwide first will then occur.  Two names will be on one certification card.  The teams have trained and tested together and for the card to be valid they must both work together whenever performing the skills they are certified for.

  • Next Competition, Sunday June 19, 2022

Teams who have achieved the Red Cross CPR/FA certification for healthcare providers are now qualified to enroll in the 90 hour Red Cross Certified Nursing Assistant program.  Teams will repeat steps 1 through 4 except this time it will be for the new certification.  Another world wide first will occur!  Ability teams will now have state recognition as a CNA Ability Team and can be employed to provide care for others.

  • Exceptional Entries

Each team may submit a “Larger Than Life” scenario.  This can be written, enacted live, on video or by any other method the teams choose.  Teams are encouraged to use professional rescuers, hospital staff and other members of the general public to create rescue scenarios where the teams become the heroes.