The Aquatic, marine, health and safety activities of the USA Rescue Games are set in a Sailors VS Pirates theme.  Ability teams are the hero sailors and fund raising is done by the lying, cheating Pirates.

A variety of websites and organizations are part of the USA Rescue Games. provides the training and certification materials available free for competitors through our Red Cross instructors. provides scuba, aquatic, rescue and other training through our NAUI instructors. provides fund raising for the Atlanta Volunteers and game points for has quizzes based on training from RED CROSS, NAUI, USCG and other subjects such as oceanography, fishing and Pirate life. provides the RED CROSS, NAUI and other safety, health, scuba, watersports and instruction for Ability Teams, volunteers and the general public. organizes the volunteers. organizes respite care, the storyline and business activities of a TV series about ability teams. contains the business plan to employ ability teams in a wide variety of activities. organizes fund raising games, video production and business activities.


Kroger donates generously to the Atlanta Volunteers and enables game points to create Dubloons or “loonies.” Loonies are used for Pirate themed fund raising games. Pirates will run crooked games of poker, darts, bar bets, rig contests and will bribe judges in order to steal your loonies.  Loonies can be exchanged for stolen, plundered or donated goods and bads. More information is at

A cell phone app keeps track of loonies used for admissions, donations and prizes so you can avoid using cash or credit cards and play $0.25 games easily. The app lets people at home view the competitions and games and join in the fun from boats, beaches, restaurants and home. The app makes it easy to use your cell phone to bet and bribe judges during games and contests or to pay for grub and grog.  Loonies are redeemable for donated prizes.

The app lets any pirate gang steal, cheat and plunder, but hero sailors always end up catching Pirates and using their stolen booty for good causes. has more information on how any ability team, club or organization can use this app to organize their own fund raising games.

When you register with the USA Rescue Games you can join in on the fun!