A competition to inspire more heroes with abilities!

Two heroes, two different abilities, form an “Ability Team” to achieve full function. Ability teams compete in Red Cross Rescue, NAUI scuba, sailing and other aquatic and marine activities.

alan@theabilityrevolution.com & 678 697 6566 (contact info)

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The purpose of the USA Rescue Games is to demonstrate the full function of an ability team.  Teams can choose any activity to participate.  The premiere event of the 2021 USA Rescue Games is to have ability teams complete the RED CROSS CPR/FA certification for health care providers.  This would achieve a world wide first as two names would be on a single certification card.  This is a prerequisite for the premiere event for the 2022 Rescue Games, state recognition as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  Having two names on one state certification as a CNA would be another worldwide first and would allow people with disabilities to be employed to take care of other people with disabilities. (theabilityrevolution.com for more information)

Teen with Down syndrome saves two girls from drowning!

Lifeguard with one leg saves woman from submerged car!

June 20, 2021 Hearthstone Community Center, Cumming GA Find out more!

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Bootyrat is a playfully pirate themed fund raising game (found at the piratedivebar.com) that anyone can use for any purpose.  The heroes are the sailor competitors and the fund raisers are the pirates. The sailors are the heroes that always win back the booty from the pirates.

We use it to fund the USA Rescue Games, The Tropical Adventure Competition and the Atlanta Volunteers.  You can use it too!

You get points by catching bootyrats!